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ASDA (Associated Dairies) is one of Britain’s leading distributors. This British supermarket chain is headquartered in Leeds, England. ASDA was founded in 1949 when the Asquith family merged its business with the Associated Dairies company of Yorkshire.

This store serves customers through the network of online services and stores, including supermarkets, superstores, living stores, petrol filling stations and depots in the UK.

How to Login ASDA Credit Card?

When you have the Asda credit card, you will be entitled to many benefits and perks in the Asda stores and its affiliates. This also includes a discount on all purchases with the free shipping and points collection, which can be later converted into different discounts, birthday promotions and cash rewards etc.

Via ASDA website

First, if you are not an Asda customer and don’t have an Asda credit card, you need to sign up. Here’s how you could do that:

Step 1: Open a new tab on the browser

Step 2: Now select your country location

Step 3: Scroll down the page

Step 4: Enter your User ID and Password in the box provided

Step 5: Now check the “Remember User Id” box

Step 6: Click on the “Secure Login” button

Via ASDA website

How to Activate Your ASDA Credit Card Online?

Step 1: You need to go to the Asda credit card login portal.

Step 2: Now enter the  “Chat for Login,” or you may go to the registration help tab

Step 3: Now enter the “card activation” in the chatbox

Step 4: Finally, hit on the Start Card Activation

Pros of Asda Credit Card

Here are a few of the benefits of Asda Credit Card:

  • With this credit card, you don’t need to bear the annual fee. Therefore, consumers who shop a lot do not hesitate and prefer Asda Card. No annual fee provides greater flexibility for the customers.
  • When you spend with the Asda Credit Card, it’ll offer the points in the form of vouchers to the consumer that can later be used at their grocery store.

Cons of the Asda Credit Card

  • You’ll be charged a balance transfer fee that may become heavy when you transfer large amounts.
  • Not appealing for the people who don’t shop at the stores of Asda.


Nowadays, the Asda credit card services are offered by the BNP Paribas global banking group. This bank has offered it because Asda wants its customer’s transactions to be handled in a user-friendly and safe manner.



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