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The Hilton Honors credit card is a financial product that is offered by Hilton Hotels through their partnership with American Express, one of the largest and well-renowned banks in America and even globally. Hilton has more than 6000 properties worldwide, such as hotels. They offer homelike hotels down to luxurious hotels such as the ones located on beaches.

Not only that, but they also offer budget-friendly options for families and individuals. If you and your family members particularly stay at any one of Hilton’s hotels, then applying for their credit card will present you with some benefits.

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How to Log in

Step 1

In order to log in, simply go to your web browser and type in www.Hilton.com and you should be redirected to the page shown above. Next, click on the “sign-in” icon on the top right-hand corner.

Step 2

Hilton Credit Card Login

If you already have an account, then simply enter in your details such as username or your Hilton number along with your password in the spaces provided, as seen in the image above. If you are a new customer looking to sign up, then click on the “create your password” option below the sign-in icon and follow the easy instructions given. We must advise you to choose an easy password and also make sure to save it or note it down so that you don’t forget it in the future.

Step 3

Hilton Credit Card Password Reset

In the unfortunate case of forgetting your password or email, you can easily retrieve your account by clicking on the “Forgot your info?” option right above the sign in icon. This will take you to another page, and that asks for your email address to send you the reset password link.

Hilton’s Review

If you are looking to ease up the payments for your stay at Hilton’s hotels, then look no further as their credit cards come with zero annual fees. Not only that, but you gain Silver status just by signing up and getting promoted to Gold status is easy as spending $20,000 within a year of obtaining the Hilton credit card.

In addition to that, the Hilton credit card also comes with an exciting welcome bonus of 80,000 points, given that you spend at least $1000 within the first 3 months of ownership of the Hilton credit card. This bonus reward can be used to cover at least one to two nights of stay in any of Hilton’s hotels.

To add to that, you can also earn 5 Hilton Honors points on every dollar spent in American grocery stores, restaurants as well as gas stations. There is also no limit on the number of rewards or points you can earn; coupled with no annual fees, it is considered a decent credit card membership.

On the other hand, you may not get the premium travel benefits other credit cards might offer, such as the ability to spend diamond status with ownership of gold status from the Hilton honors American Express Surpass card. Lastly, each Hilton credit card point is worth $0.005, while other credit cards offer much more valuable points.


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