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John Lewis is a departmental store that was first opened on Oxford Street in the year 1864. They are not only the departmental store, but they are also serving as an information bank. If we see the retailing history of John Lewis in 1864, it was totally different from the way we shop today.

The concept of the shops has improved over time, and John Lewis took this seriously. John Lewis offers a credit card that comes with different reward options. The collaborative partnership of their bank and store offers interest-free credit cards for 9 months. Further, you can redeem the points for a repurchase of the specific store on this credit card. The company’s trading name is John Lewis PLC, and the company is registered in the UK.

How Can You Log in to the John Lewis Credit Card?

The logging-in process of the John Lewis credit card is quite simple, but if you haven’t created the account, you can’t log in, obviously.

If you don’t have the John Lewis account, you can easily create it using the email address you may have used for the recent order.  Now you’ve signed up, how can you log in? Here is how:

Step 1:

Go to the login page of John Lewis Finance.

John Lewis Credit Card Login

Screenshot Via JhonLewis

Step 2:

Now you have to put the username. This username is the one that you’ve set up when you were registering for your account. In case you’ve forgotten your username:

You’ll get something like this:

Screenshot Via John Lewis

Screenshot Via John Lewis

Step 3:

Now that you’ve inserted your username, you will get the green tick which basically signifies that you’ve used the proper format for logging in. In case you don’t get a green tick, you need to check if you’ve entered the information correctly.

If you’ve got the green tick, hit on the “continue” button.

Step 4:

Now you need to enter the security credentials that will contain your password, PIN or may consist of One Time Passcode (OTP). You need to enter your correct mobile phone number to receive an OTP.

Screenshot Via John Lewis

Screenshot Via John Lewis

Step 5:

Now after verification, be in the form of OTP or PIN, green ticks will appear next to them to confirm you’ve used the correct information.

Click on the login Button,’ and now you are login!

Pros of the John Lewis Credit Card

Here are a few of the pros and cons of the John Lewis Card:

  • No Annual Fee: John Lewis’s credit card doesn’t charge an annual fee. Therefore, consumers who shop a lot from here do not hesitate to buy this card. No annual fee provides greater flexibility for the customers.
  • Balance Transfer: For consumers who have the balance on the existing card offers, John Lewis credit card offers a 0% interest on the balance transfer period of 18 months. This will be different in the reward offerings and cards as individuals may not be able to save costs.
  • Rewards – When you spend with the John Lewis Card, it’ll offer the points in the form of the vouchers to the consumer that can later be used at Waitrose and John Lewis. For instance, when you spend £4 on these stores, you can get 5 points. Further, the cardholders are sent the vouchers for the 4 months of intervals with a £5 voucher for every 500 points.

Cons of the John Lewis Credit Card

  • Balance Transfer Fee– You’ll be charged with a balance transfer fee of 2.99%, which may become hefty when you transfer large amounts.
  • Unappealing: Not appealing for the people who don’t shop at the John Lewis or Waitrose.


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