Luma Credit Card Login

Luma Credit Card Login

The Luma Credit Card overall makes a customer’s job easier by including the option of adding another cardholder. Their online option of accessing a credit card account is feasible for everyone as they can always keep an eye on their expenditure and cautiously spend money. Along with that, you can view your account details and limit anywhere, anytime, which can help you decide on your financial expenditure goals.

Luma credit cards are affiliated with Capital One bank and are offered services through them, and that is why they have a heavier hand on authenticity. Therefore, they are a solid option to be financially associated with. They offer various kinds of credit card services and have a simple access procedure.

If you are facing trouble logging in, we are here to help you get the best of these services. Just follow the steps provided below, and you will have your own online credit card account in no time!


Step 1

Make sure you have activated your credit card.


Step 2

To log in to your credit card account, visit Luma’s official website at and select their ‘Sign in’ tab.

*Note- if you haven’t yet registered with Luma, in order to avail their facilities online, you can head to the ‘Register’ option instead.

VIA website

Luma website

Step 3

When you select ‘sign in,’ you will be directed here where you need to fill the empty tabs with your account username and password. When you are done, click on the highlighted tab below labeled as ‘Sign in,’ and you reach your account online.

VIA website

VIA website

If under any circumstance, you forget your username or password, you can always opt for the ‘forgot username/password’ link, which will help you retrieve your account.

VIA website

VIA website

* The registration page requires you to input your username here.

VIA website

VIA website

Keep adding your details and enter ‘continue’ to proceed on each form, and soon you will have registered.


Luma Credit Card Review


  • £1,500 credit limit given
  • Individuals with bad credit are approved
  • Online access
  • Before payment, due dates, customers are given email alerts
  • Contactless payment
  • Customers without credit scores or Cjs are also accepted
  • No late payment, arrangement or early repayment fee


  • High APR %


To make the most out of Luma’s assistance, an online authorization will make your financial concerns comparatively easier to follow. It’s not just about credit; it’s about overlooking your expenditure and being aware of your spending limits. Alongside the ease, there are also free fraud alerts and protection against theft as a part of the features that come with the card. All these factors combined need to be considered while deciding where to invest and Luma’s services provide you with just that.

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