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Nationwide Building Society is one British mutual financial institution. This is the seventh-largest cooperative financial institution as well as the largest building society in the world and has above 15 million members. The headquarters are located in Swindon, in England.

This company is made by more than a hundred mergers. The most significant merger was with Anglia Building Society back in 1987 and with the Portman Building Society in 2007. This is also the second-biggest provider of mortgages as well as household savings in the UK. The currents account market share of this company is 7.7%.

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How to Login

Step 1

Nationwide Credit Card Login

To log in to the Nationwide Credit Card, you have to go to this link will redirect you to the login page. There, you have to enter the customer name assigned to you by the company at the time of registration. After this, you have to enter your date of birth properly.

And this you could choose if you want your browser to remember the information, which is recommended for convenience for as long as you feel safe. However, if you have a shared computer, then you might prefer not to choose this option.

Step 2

Nationwide Credit Card Password Reset

In case you’ve forgotten your customer number, you can easily look it up with the option given on the login page under where you’re supposed to enter the customer number. You will be redirected to a lookup tool. For this, you’re going to need your card as well as your card reader.

However, if you don’t have a card reader, you can also do this using the banking app. First, log into the app. Go to the menu at the top right corner. After this, tap on ‘Details and Settings’. Then tap ‘your details’ to check your customer number. If this option is also not convenient for you, then you can call the company on the contact provided on the forgot customer number page.

Nationwide Review

Nationwide is a company that gives banking products to its customers; however, technically, it is not a bank. The Nationwide and Axos banking partnership will give customers a range of online options. These include a high yield savings account, a no monthly fees interest checking account. This will reimburse up to $30 for ATM charges per month. A My Checking Account is also provided.

This will give customers unlimited domestic ATM fee reimbursements. This bank is most suitable for customers who want to have to savings rate, which is competitive and also prefers access to out-of-network ATMs without having to pay any fees. Therefore, you will not need access to any branch.

However, there have been many complaints against the company about Customer Financial Protection Bureau Database, which is relative to its managing partner’s size, the Axos Bank. The bank has only one branch, making it inconvenient for many customers. Moreover, the certificates of deposit have very low rates. In addition, customers could be charged a $25 overdraft fee up to three times on a daily basis.

This bank is, therefore, great for giving free ATM reimbursements as well as for having a competitive savings rate; however, the CD rates are pretty low.

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