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Opus is affiliated with Newday credit cards, a company that does not have the best customer review history, but it is designed for people who have poor credit scores. They are known for giving their customers access to cash whenever they are short and taking steps to improve their credit history.

If you are one of those people who are planning to start up their venture or want to relocate to the UK and have a relatively bad credit score, you can apply for Opus’ credit cards. And if you already are a customer, you can register to their new update, which transfers your credit card account details online. They have a straightforward way of applying and are processed pretty fast. Just follow these steps below to become a member today.

Step 1

If you aren’t a member of the Opus credit card service yet, you can avail this opportunity by visiting their website at https://www.opuscard.co.uk/ and heading straight to the registration portal on the top left corner.

Opus Credit Card Login

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Step 2

The register page here will look like this.

VIA website

The page gives you an outlook of all the documents you will need for the procedure. When you click on ‘continue,’ you will be asked a bunch of personal and security questions, and soon enough, you will be through and will have access to your online credit card account.


In other news, if you already have an online account and you are having trouble logging in, don’t worry because we can guide you through.


Select the log-in tab on the official Opus website instead of registering this time. You will be viewing a page that looks like this.

VIA website

Once you are on the log-in page, you will see an empty tab to enter your username and select ‘next’ when you are done. On the following page, you will be asked for the password you registered with, and after filling that, you will successfully access your credit card account online.


If you, in any case, do not remember your username, you can always click on the option titled “forgot username?’

Opus Credit Card Login

This click would lead you to another page where you’ll be asked about your personal information and other details. Fill in those, and you will be able to retrieve your username. The same goes when you forget your password.

Opus Credit Card Login

Opus Credit Card Review


  • Money transfer facility
  • Texts alerts for payment deadlines
  • No annual fee
  • Poor credit history individuals can be accepted
  • Checks eligibility without harming credit score



  • 3% money transfer charges
  • Interest-free installments for only up to 48 days
  • 95% APR on cash withdrawal



Overall, it is a solid option for people who need ready access to cash; however, Opus does not hold introductory offers or perks for its customers, but they offer credit to people who have a low credit score like people who just moved to the UK on a low-income job.

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