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Santander is a locally-focused bank by Santander Holdings USA, Inc., a parent company. This bank became part of the Santander Group in 2009. Further, this bank is among the top 25 U.S retail banks and has different branches in New York, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania. Besides, this bank offers services and products for the business, personal and corporate banking sectors.

In this article, we’ll be unwrapping how you can log in to the Santander Credit Card.

How Can You Log in to the Santander Credit Card?

First things first: Know if you are eligible for the Santander Card:

Here is what you need to be eligible for the Santander card:

  • Your earnings are £7,500 or more a year
  • You’re 18 or over
  • A permanent resident of the UK
  • You don’t have another card of the same type

Now, If you’ve made the Santander credit card, here is how you can activate it by using the Santander app or Santander online banking.

  1. Online Banking

If you are using the online banking method, which means that you have to use your password and follow these steps:

Step 1: Click on the “Accounts and cards” in the top menu and then tap on the “Cards”.

Step 2: Now choose the card you want to activate and then choose “Activate the Card.”

Step 3: Finally, you need an active and valid electronic signature to finish the process. The platform will ask you to put in the electronic signature.

Santander Credit Card Login

Screenshot from the Santnader

  1. Santander App

If you have the Santander app, use your password to log in to the home page and follow the below steps:

Step 1: First, go to the Accounts Overview

Step 2: Now select the card you want to activate, and then you’ll see the action “Start To Use”.

Step 3: Now you’ve encountered the screen where you can simply activate your card by inserting the electronic signature.

Screenshot from the Santander

Screenshot from the Santander

Now that you’ve activated the card, time to log in. Choose your preferences; if you use the card for business purposes, choose business and continue.

Screenshot from the Santander

Screenshot from the Santander

Pros and Cons of the Santander Credit Card

A few of the prominent characteristics of the Santander card are as below:


  • If you lose your credit card, you can freeze and pin your card with the app’s card controls. You can also clock certain transactions in the mobile app of Santander.
  • You’ll get the account alerts when you are near the credit limit, and this feature will let you avoid the fees.
  • When you switch on the online banking app, you can earn up to 15% cash back at various major retailers when you use your Santander credit card.
  • Your credit rating won’t be affected anyway, and you’ll be provided with the credit limit indication.


  • There are no live chat options in the app and online banking
  • The complaint process is lengthy
  • Tiresome verification process
  • You can’t see the see pending transactions and can’t scan cheques
  • No ranking of spending

There are mixed reviews of the Santander bank over the internet. However, customers kind of liked their customer service.

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