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Tui, the largest multinational travel and tourism agency company in the world, based in Germany, has been flourishing in the market for about 22 years. However, it was founded back in 1923, previously belonging to the industrial field as Preussag AG. At present, they own 5 airlines flying to over 150 countries around the globe, close to 400 hotels with excellent service and cruises that include four ships. Additionally, they also provide a remarkable tour operating service across nearly all Schengen countries in Europe.


To ease their customer’s experiences, they also have credit and debit card facilities with basic qualifying criteria. They offer various discounts on using your card for Tui services alongside having an effortless login procedure.

But if you’re having trouble accessing your credit card account online, follow the steps below.


Step 1

Remember to activate your card before logging in.

Step 2

In order to log in to your Tui account, you have to go on to their website. When you’re directed to the homepage, click on the top left option labeled as ‘account and bookings’ and then select ‘login to your account. Or you could simply go to, and you will be directed to the credit card login page, which will look like this.


Tui Credit Card Login

Step 3

Add in your username details and click on next. The following page will ask you to input the password you registered with. Once you are through with that, click on log in and enjoy using your credit card account.

However, if you dont remember your username, click on the ‘forgot username’ hyperlink.’

And fill in the details given on the directed page shown below.

Step 4

You will have to add all these basic details to retrieve your account. When you click next, you will be asked to make a new password.


These steps are only valuable for those who already have a valid card and an account affiliated with Tui. However, if you don’t, you can register yourself using your account details and online registration number. They also require pin-code verification via phone number.

Tui Credit Card Review


  • Every time you use your credit card to make a purchase, you get points added to your card, so you’re loading points whenever you travel.
  • You get 0% interest on any purchase, including holidays, for the first 3 months of your account opening.
  • The Tui credit card is also accepted wherever MasterCard is used.
  • You can get £25 off your next purchase when you open an account.
  • No annual fee



  • Points take around 1 month after opening your account to be applied
  • Foreign transaction fees are incurred
  • 2,500 points at a minimum are needed in order to redeem points.
  • Balance transfer fees are drawn.



If spending money on yourself and your family makes you happy, you should register at Tui because it not only supports your notion of retail therapy but includes a lot of benefits and savings along with it. The best service out there for a whole lot of pros.

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