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Vanquis Bank has been the leading credit card provider in the UK and offering its services for the past two decades. They facilitate customers by offering access to credit, loans, and many other financial services. One thing that makes them superior among other banks is that they combine their traditions of finance with advanced technologies to offer a seamless yet meaningful experience to their clients.

As they have the latest money management tools and seamless app-based and online applications, you can easily access your bank account with their website. With online banking, you can easily send and receive money, check your account statement as well as enjoy other services like paying bills, getting discounts etc. This article covers all the essentials to log in to online banking on the Vanquis website.

How to Log into Your Vanquis Credit Card Account

Step 1: Before you log in, make sure you have activated your credit card. Then go to and tap the log-in button.

Vanquis Credit Card Login

Vaquis Online Banking Page

Note: if you haven’t activated your card, you can download the Vanquis app to register and activate your card. Or else you can call their 24/7 activation number: 0800 781 9660.

Step 2: The website will then ask you for the following details:

  • The last six digits of your credit card number.
  • Your date of birth
  • The first character of your First Name
  • Last name full

Alt Text: Log in page

Alt Text: Log in page

Step 3: Once you enter the details, Vanquis will now send you a one-time passcode, OTP to your mobile phone number that is registered to your bank account. Along with that, you also need to enter your online banking password. The online banking password is different from all other passwords you have.


If you have any trouble logging into your account, you can always call their customer services for help. This is the number: 01634 789 521


Moreover, if you need help with anything else, you can click here. It will open the page shown in the image below that can help with your specific issue.

Alt Text: Contact Us page

Alt Text: Contact Us page

Pros and Cons of Vanquis Bank


  • It helps you manage your credit history so you can easily manage your finances
  • They offer you rewards in the form of air miles and cashback; however, its important to ensure that the card doesn’t cost way more than the value of the reward
  • They offer 0% interest to transfer the balance to other cards
  • Secure and advanced online features


  • They change their terms and conditions and increase APR
  • Bad customer service with long waiting
  • Issues and bugs with logging into the account


At the end of the day, what matters is your convenience and experience. Vanquis Bank is a leading name in the banks of the UK with many services to enjoy. Just like all banks, it comes with its drawbacks. If the values offered by the bank outweigh its drawback, then it is worth trying. We hope that this article has helped with log-in queries.

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