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Zopa is a British company that operates in the financial services industry and was founded by Richard Duvall, James Alexander, Giles Andrews, David Nicholson, and Tim Parlett in March 2005. It was initially formed as the world’s first company that offered peer-to-peer lending and later obtained a banking license.

Its current headquarters are located in Cottons Centre, Tooley Street, London, United Kingdom. By 2021, Zopa had processed loans that amounted to £6 billion, and this amount was lent to individual borrowers in the range of £1000 – £25000. The company offered four investment options based on the risk and return each investor sought.

As a result, these investors would receive interest and capital, which could be reinvested to compound their returns. In December 2021, it announced that it would discontinue peer-to-peer lending and divert into banking and credit cards. Now, Zopa offers protected deposit accounts and credits cards and also claims to provide internal data to promote open banking.

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How to Log in

Step 1

In order to log into your account, all you have to do is simply go to your browser and type in www.zopa.com. From there, click on “my account” on the top right-hand side of the page, which will lead you to the login webpage shown above. It is an easy and quick process that requires no assistance from an expert.

Step 2

Zopa Credit Card Log in step

Once you have arrived on the page shown above, simply fill in the empty spaces with your login credentials such as email address and password in order to proceed to the credit card registration page. After filling in your information, click on the sign-in securely icon.

Step 3

Zopa Credit Card Login - reset password

If, unfortunately, you have forgotten your password, then worry not, as you will find the option to reset a new one right underneath the login by clicking set new password icon. From there, you will need to provide your email address, where you will receive the link to help you change and set a new password. It should be emphasized that you note down this new password somewhere safe where it is easy to access to avoid forgetting your password in the future.

Zopa Review

With an Annual Percentage Rate of 34.9% that is variable on individual credit limits, Zopa has successfully become a widely recognized bank in the United Kingdom. It also received the Best Credit Card Provider award at the British Bank Awards in 2021.

The company has the largest skilled teams that include former bankers, expert data analysts, and credit risk experts that have helped it reach accolades in such a short period of time.

However, there are a couple of weak points that must be discussed. Many banks around the world nowadays promote open banking, where the data prepared by analysts is shown to the investors to help them analyze their investment performance and predict future trends. This is where Zopa lacks credibility, as there has been a lack of data provided, especially during the pandemic.

Secondly, the rate of returns advertised by Zopa may not match up with the actual and expected results. This is because the returns vary and depend on the loans assigned to you. Therefore, not all investors can expect the same results, and you may have to invest for years before you see positive results.

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